Trip Europe 2009

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Trip Europe 2009

It’s been nearly two years since Trip Italia 2007. I know that it’s time to go back. Europe is calling us…
No longer are we newbies to the road-trip scene, we’ve got a whole four days driving in Europe under our belts thanks to two years ago. Seasoned pros. Okay, maybe not yet but if this trip goes to plan try telling us otherwise! Knowing that this trip has to be bigger and better than Trip Italia, I took no chances and began the planning back in October 09!

The vision: Ten days, seven countries, four friends, two sports cars, one epic adventure

Joining Ben and I will be two good friends of ours; Alex ‘The Main’ Mainstone and Danny ‘Gewwy’ Stewart. These boys had the trust in me and the vision to sign-up pretty instantly after I pitched my big plan to them. For that, I still feel honoured. Thanks guys, I hope I can deliver for us…

Below is a link to the map of the seven countries we hope to conquer: Spain, Andorra, France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

Then, on May 17 2009, that day finally came…

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