Day 8 – Milano (Italy) 2009

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Day 8: Milano

Last night we ended up staying somewhere along the Italian Riviera. Savona I think the town was called? Before you envisage beautiful lakes, a sunny day and picturesque backdrop, don’t. By the time we reached this random town having driven a couple of hours from Monaco, it was pitch black and finding a place to stay was harder than we’d have liked to have been. Still, we eventually found somewhere – only the oldest looking “hotel” in the world! Ok, perhaps a slight exaggeration but the decor wasn’t. Just look at the carpeted wallpaper and retro phone handset!

After an early rise and breakfast we headed north along the A8/A10 to reach Milan. Get this, this is the third consecutive year Kennedy has been to Milan! Trip Europe, a weekend break with his ex Samantha Rackspace and Trip Italia. Odds are 2/5 on that he’ll make it a fourth year in 2011.

Sadly there will be limited time for the first timers such as Alex and Dan to explore the fashion capital of the world as our objective, time wise, is clear. Find our pre-booked hotel, check-in, chill out and get a taxi to the mighty San Siro. Fast forward a few hours and we do accomplish all of the aforementioned with time to spare. I reckon we could teach the Swiss and Germans a trick or two about efficiency!

Earlier the car thermostat logged a scorching 36 degrees making it easily the hottest day since our travels begun. Thankfully we have air con, right Main? 

Let’s just say that for once the Lotus wasn’t an envied place to be in this heat as Danny Stew will testify to. It’s not as if taking the roof off would help either as you’d be burnt to a crisp.

Anyway, back to the present. What a spectacle! (No, not the guns on Kenndogg, the San Siro!)

Here we are in salute of the great Paolo Resteghini Maldini.

We get into the stadium an hour earlier than we needed to. Oh allright Main 

Seriously though, the heat inside the stadium was even more unbearable! We were looking for ice-cream and water at every given opportunity.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this was just any Serie A game but you’d be mistaken. This was the legend, Paolo Maldini’s last ever game. We were treated to an amazing atmosphere by the home fans (obviously) but also the away fans also such is the respect for Italy’s most capped player.

Here are a couple more pics prior to the start of the match.

The match wasn’t shy of events. We saw in total over 7 goals scored, a sending off and appearances by David Beckham and Ronaldinho. My brother will be so livid he’s missed this.

We eventually made it back to our hotel that evening. Let’s just say it was seemingly hard to find taxi’s around this time. Deja vu hey Kenners!

After a shower and shave, we walked the streets near our hotel looking for a restaurant. Well most of us did. Kenners, bless him, stayed in stuffing his face with pain killers having recently suffered from a toothache. Probably a good move as tomorrow, Switzerland, has the potential of being one of our most memorable days yet.

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