Day 6 – The Cote D’Azur (continued…) 2009

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Day 6: Still on the Cote D’Azur

Today we woke in a particularly vibrant mood which was strange seeing a the rowdy, drunken French had disrupted our sleep at 3, and then 4am with their street shouting!
Our extra fresh vibe was partly due to the fact that we were only driving 30 minutes up the road, coastal road I might add, for tonight’s destination instead of another lengthy trek up the autoroute (motorway for you uncultured lot). Our second destination along the South of France was to be Juan Les Pains. Give it a go pronouncing it, we’re still trying…

We found our hotel with relative ease, again thanks to the Sat Nav and quickly set about doing you know what…


Well, a quick look at Alex should clear up any confusion…

Here’s Dan looking like some kind of rock star! Do love this pic though.

LIFE IS/WAS good, no question!

Now, I could go on and tell you how a cheese and ham baguette, a beer and sun lounger bed thing cost over £30 PER PERSON but you probably won’t believe me so I won’t – although I kind just have.
Before you have a spasm and think actually, that’s not too bad… let me put it another way…
4 x baguettes, 4 x beers and 4 pieces of plastic equalling £120 – GULP.

So continuing that buzzing vibe of the day, tonight also had to be something special and it certainly turned out to be…

Yes, that’s us eating seafood and other delicacies on the sands of the Med. You’ve taken that well as we tend to say.

Now on to some ales. By this point Gewwy is already on his way to being smashed as that thing in his hair confirms!

Later than night it all gets a little hazy…

And as for the price of the cocktails………………don’t ask!

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