Day 3 – The road to Andorra 2009

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Day 3: The road to Andorra.

It’s another fairly early start to the day but what a day we have to look forward to. Today we head to the little country located in the heart of the Pyrenees. Andorra anybody? We pack our overnight luggage tightly, and I mean tightly, into the Audi and Lotus ready for the relatively unknown that awaits us.
We head north east through Spain and only to stop for a few pictures of Sami and the place that was eventually named after him….okay maybe not but it was definitely a double take moment!

We soon find a nice spot for an impromptu photo opportunity of the two cars.

I think I can safely say that some of the roads, even at this early stage of the trip far exceeded my dreams and expectations. Some roads are long, wide and cover a huge expanse of land with what seems like no one else on earth around. Driving these roads roof down in the sun with Queen blaring out the stereo is something I will never forget. The roads seem to go on forever and I think it’s safe to say; at times we didn’t want them to end.

When the roads do come to end it’s as we are entering the border to Andorra. We pass an unusual accident on the way in as a car is upside down in the middle of the road. Sami and I are in the Lotus and after passing through the border are called back by a policeman. At first there is confusion due to the language barrier and we think he wants a photo with him and the car? Us and the car? Ok just the car? Eventually we understand that he just wants to check that we hadn’t taken a snap of the accident. We felt like celebrities for all of three seconds! 🙂
My first impression of Andorra is just how incredibly clean and modern it is. Every road looks like it has been freshly tarmac and the streets are small and tight with few people around. It doesn’t take long for Ben in the Audi to find the hotel where were staying, which you would have been forgiven in thinking was a five star hotel. The entrance has marble floors and like the rest of Andorra has that immaculate look.

We decided to check out Andorra on foot with cameras in hand. The below picture on the right is actually a reflection in a building window.

After a few wanderings round the local shops, which seem mostly designer we scout out a few potential places to eat in the evening and log it for later on. A massive torrent of a river flows through the heart of Andorra as the snow on the tops of the Pyrenees melts further. It was quite a sight. Well done guys on picking this excellent hotel.
We decide to take advantage of what our hotel offers and quickly head to our rooms and then up to the roof, where a swimming pool, sauna, sun beds and Jacuzzi await us. Be careful of the guns they’ll get ya. ;-) (Anchorman)

The roof gave incredible views.

The Jacuzzi was a great way to relax after a long drive. Ask yourself who is grinning the most and for what reason!? 🙂

Tonight its Sami’s birthday. Only one year to the day until the BIG 3 0. Still, Andorra on your 29th is arguably as memorable as it gets.
We grab a few drinks at the bar and then stumble upon this fantastic little restaurant which is quite literally built up and into part of the Pyrenees Mountains. A toast to Sami for his bday is presented before he digs into his perfectly cooked pork chop….sorry duck. (Personal joke).

At nighttimes the roads are even quieter than during the day. We just about manage to resist the urge to go back to our cars and enjoy the streets to ourselves.

We retire once again feeling blessed to have seen and experience such a day. Once again a huge thank you to the guys and Sami in particular for planning and executing the perfect road trip and this is only the start. That feeling of knowing we have so much more to do and so many more new places to visit, if our mobile homes don’t let us down, is indescribable. This reliance of your car when you are slap bang in the middle of Europe somewhere brings excitement and anxiety in abundance.

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