Day 4 – Andorra to the Millau Bridge (France) 2009

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Day 4: Leaving Andorra, destination Millau

We awake in the Andorra Centre hotel after a nice meal and a few drinks for Sami’s birthday the night before. He got away lightly on the drinks that night due us knowing that we have a very early start today. The plan then is to reach Milau, ultimately to drive over “that” bridge. The Sat Nav tells us its still 5 hours away. Gulp!

Whilst we are leaving Andorra la Vella, the capital of this beautiful country, we get to take in just how breath taking this part of the world is; The Pyrenees.

As we leave Andorra, we begin our accent into the mountains. During this truly memorable drive, we pass through plenty of small towns and villages that most of the world’s population will never get to see. Here we grab a random but nice photo showing off the beauty of the Lotus.

After relentless exhausting hairpin bends and some of the best driving roads we’ve driven on so far, we finally end up on one of the many French motorways. These are renowned for been very smooth and easy to drive, this is very welcomed by Alex from the driving seat of the lotus! To be fair though from my stint in the Lotus, it’s actually more comfortable than you would first think. It’s actually the intense, close proximity to each other and the heat of the engine (right behind the seats!) that are the harder things to bear.

We decide that a mid way point of the day would be Carcassonne. This is a medieval, walled city on the banks of the Aude. We only have a couple of hours for a short brake to get some lunch and have a look around this fascinating city. At the heart of this medieval city is Carcassonne castle, easily the most impressive castle we have ever seen. Enjoy.

We leave Carcassonne stunned by the sheer size of the castle. At this point we have about 120 miles to go until we reach Milau but this is where I come into my own. At the wheel of the indestructible Audi I decide to put my right foot down, hard. This is now becoming ‘the norm’ according to Alex. This forces him to try and keep up with me and utter one of the classic lines of the trip “Oh well Kenners has done it again”. This was said more than once on this trip :-)

We leave the E80 and head north. After an hour or so of driving down a freshly tarmacked dual carriageway, we are now in the area of our fourth nights stay and only have one immediate objective….cross the Milau Bridge. This is the tallest and highest road bridge in the Europe. Even Top gear have dedicated an episode to it so we were in the area, it’d be criminal to miss out on this spectacle. What a sight! (The bridge isn’t bad either) 🙂

We get settled in a random Ibis hotel and then head out for our evening meal in the centre of the town before getting our heads down for some well deserved rest. Today was a long day but as ever, well worth it. That drive deep within The Pyrenees will never be forgotten.

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