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Trip 2012 – the end of an era

Here we go then for what really should be the last trip of its kind. Seriously (no fingers crossed this time). Times are changing; my family and friends are either getting married or having babies and some of the luckiest ones are doing (or have done) both. I, therefore, have responded to this with an equally responsible and grown-up action – fleeing from that and instead boozing it up on the continent!

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Trip 2011 – a first of its kind

I promised earlier this year during our last eurohoon of 2011, changes would need to be made if I was to ever set foot on foreign soil again. You know how the X-factor has been re-vamped with the introduction of some new and fresh looking faces? Well I’ve done the same as this European trip is as different as I could make it. It’s me and a female! (A previously banned word dating back to 2007).

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Trip 2011 RS – celebrating 30!

So here we go again then folks. Like all great things, there must be an end. Some say then this could be the final European lads road trip. Sad times indeed, but what a five years or so it’s been. Hardly any lows but many highs! Like of all our past European conquests, (I’m still talking road trips conquests – in case your mind had wondered elsewhere), this trip has its purpose. Let’s quickly review these…

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