Day 5 – The Cote D’Azur via Nimes 2009

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Day 5: The Cote D’Azur via Nimes

So having stayed over in Millau we wake raring to go as we’ve got a fair distance to cover today. We head southeast in the direction of the Cote D’Azur (The south of France) and try to smile when the SatNav tells we have 250 miles (approx 4 hours) separating us from the Mediterranean coastline.

To break up the journey Kennedy suggests we stop in Nimes. Back home he’d researched that Nimes holds one of the best-preserved Amphitheatres in the world dating back to the Romans! This we had to see.

Infact, we did more than just look at it, we paid for a tour of it. This meant we were given a headset with an audio feed and at our own leisure, explored this colossal archaic structure.

A little while later and we were back on the road for another couple of hours. As we stayed in Nimes longer than we anticipated, we didn’t reach the south of France until early evening and by then, we were exhausted.

Still, a little tiredness wouldn’t keep us down! We checked into our San Rafael hotel and donned some finely creased cotton garments before heading out for food and drink. It was now that Danny Stew unveiled a couple of classic, vintage shirts that were “acceptable in the 80’s” as the song goes… 🙂

That evening we began to understand what the South of France was really all about……………… money! And lot’s of it. You should have seen our faces when this bill arrived for a round of drinks. (Consider that the euro/pound rate is basically 1 to 1 right now).

So yes, that’s basically £24 pounds for four pints! You do the math.

Needless to say we then spent most of the night looking for an inexpensive place to eat and eventually we found one:

Here is Dan struggling to face up to the fact that even ice cream was a small fortune!

It was now time to retire to our beds; ready for tomorrow which we hope will be a day of sun bathing and general relaxation.
Even the cars will happy for this break, as they don’t need to come out of the hotel garage for a couple more days. If only they knew their job was only half done! We still have many countries left to visit…

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