Trip 2012 – the end of an era

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Trip 2012 – the end of an era

Dear Readers,

Here we go then for what really should be the last trip of its kind. Seriously (no fingers crossed this time). Times are changing; my family and friends are either getting married or having babies and some of the luckiest ones are doing (or have done) both. I, therefore, have responded to this with an equally responsible and grown-up action – fleeing from that and instead boozing it up on the continent!

In all seriousness we didn’t actually think we would be able to get away this year due to us buying a house and then cosmetically transforming it. It was only the last two months I’ve been able to save any money and for everything else, there’s Mastercard. My saving has coincided very well for Kate as it’s her birthday month so this is yet another ‘little’ surprise.

I realised during mine and Kate’s epic adventure last year (Trip Italy 2011) that my Wingman hadn’t written a single comment on the blog. When I returned and we caught up, his first words to me were:
“Next time you conjure up anything remotely like that, don’t you forget to include me”.

Duly noted Mr Kennedy, duly noted.