Day 7 – Friday 7th September 2012

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Today is our second (and final) day in Monaco. A night’s stay at the Fairmont was somewhat stretched for one night; two was just not something my credit card would at all appreciate!

We knew in order to get in as much of Monaco as we could it was an early start so the alarm was set for 8am. Rather typically the Fairmont Hotel happened to offer the best sleeping experience either of us have ever had. A Queen sized bed which isn’t that out of the ordinary but the finest mattress, bed linen and lightly scented pillows which in all just felt heavenly. The room itself was also very special; both large in size and offering access to a mini garden and small patio like area. I’ve recalled quickly snapping these two pictures yesterday when we checked in:

Our flight home is not until late this evening which wasn’t by accident as I chose this flight especially knowing we’d have another full day in Monaco. The agenda for today was simple: chill with some more pool time followed by loads of exploring.
The only notable pictures of ‘pool time’, other than the first one of us make use of the camera’s self-timer was the following astonishing views over the sea:

Except this view was not the best view from the pool area. Not for me at least and certainly I’m guessing not for many other males reading. Yesterday I vaguely mentioned the hotel was ‘special’. This is because it is actually part of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix circuit! The F1 fans reading may begin to appreciate the levels of excitement that followed for me here:

Keep watching for all of about two minutes and you’ll have sports cars blasting up and down here. Here is a Ferrari 458 missing the apex 🙂

Oh, you know the Monte Carlo tunnel that the F1 cars blast through? Well, that’s directly under the Fairmont Hotel so naturally we walked under it and grabbed a picture or two:

We then explored the town for many hours to come which included of hopping on buses, watching the changing of the guard at the Palace and walking loads more of the GP circuit which happens to be based down on the marina/dock area:

Before we officially checked out of the hotel, it was time for a final stroll where I was able to get pictures of some awesome artwork again within the hotel. F1 artwork of course

By the way, I wasn’t gonna let one burning question I had be forgotten about before we checked out so I asked the hotel people how much a standard sea view room (not track view) would cost during the special 4 day period in May for the Grand Prix. The answer:

10,000 Euros for one night!

Your mouth wide open yet? If not, try this one. For a track side view offering the hairpin view above, try:

20,000 Euros!

The room we stayed in would have been a ‘mere’ 6000 Euros per night.

Speaking of big numbers, that brings us to the cars! Every other car here really seems to be some kind of exotica. It’s just crazy (heaven for me). During this, our last evening, we took a walk up to the famous Casino and Hotel de Paris where the area is littered with people and their cameras just looking to get pictures of the glitz and glamour that surrounds this place.

British registered Lambo outside the Hotel de Paris. Nice!

Kate is so wowed by the Lambo we go in search for more which as you’d imagine, doesn’t take us long to find one. This is what happens after a few too many Vino’s 🙂

It really is hard to describe Monaco – it really has to be seen to be believed. Let’s start with the less obvious things. It’s very clean, it’s not as crowded as you’d first think, and the people we encountered are as friendly and polite as they are anywhere else. Then of course, there are the people on the other side of the coin. Each time you think you have seen the best restaurant and the richest people, you walk another few steps and you’ve encountered something that looks even better. It is relentless on a rich person’s scale that is just off the charts. Naturally inquisitive minds such as mind are constantly wondering what each person has done in their lives to be where they are as admiration for people that work hard is only be respected from where I am from.

Goodbye Belgium, goodbye France and goodbye Monaco. You’ve each been perfect.

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