Day 8 – Saturday 8th September 2012

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So indeed goodbye Belgium, goodbye France and goodbye Monaco…

And hello…………… London !

Thought y’all would appreciate the somewhat modest accommodation we stayed in last night. You can imagine we cracked a couple of jokes amongst ourselves considering where we stayed last night and all of last week.

We head back to Gatwick airport for yet another train ride. As we are now so familiar with this mode of transport, we grabbed another photo to add to our growing train experiences.

London was London just even more hectically busy due to Olympic fever. We stop at Earls Court tube and are met with a sight I haven’t seen since Oasis were one of the biggest things on the planet; Earls
Court itself of course. I did take photos but they came out dreadfully so never mind.

We checked into our hotel for the night; a standard Best Western except there was a problem with our room so we got upgraded to a club room. I know, I know – the luck! Anyway, it was so pleasant we felt it deserved a picture or two.

Anyhow tonight is Kate’s last surprise:

She loves anything Ballet related as she used to do some in her younger days. As such, I’ve booked us tickets for tonight’s showing of Billy Elliot. I did research this before booking and its popularity and reviews were enough for me to proceed with this. Also, Elton John did the music so hopefully there will be one of his in there somewhere. ‘Measure of a man’ would go down rather well.

So folks, this is to be the final blog page for the foreseeable future so there’s not much left to say other than thanks for checking up on us and showing an interest, you know it’ll remembered. Again, I hope I’ve inspired the less well travelled people to see with enough planning, you really can see and do so much in such a short space of time and it really can be done on budget with some unnecessary extravagances excluded.

Bon soir all.

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