Day 2 – Sunday 2nd September 2012

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So we depart from the hotel late morning to pick up a hire car in the form of a small ‘eco-friendly’ Opel (Vauxhall) which was somewhat the exact opposite to what I had thought we had booked. Still, we accept that we can’t really contest this as a quick glance at the watch confirms we really need to get a move on to where we are headed. Speaking of getting a move on, it doesn’t take Kennedy long to disprove ‘eco-friendliness’ as we’re four up (with luggage) and he’s approaching almost needle off the counter speed!
Fast forward 90 minutes later and we’re thankful to see the sign we’ve been looking for:

Yes girls, you’re shortly about to watch history in the form of the 2012 Belgium Grand Prix at SPA and of course, experience the noise and atmosphere of an actual Grand Prix for yourselves.

We enter the area for the circuit and designated parking with zero traffic – although that’s hardly surprising as there is ten minutes to go until the actual start of the race!
This year the grandstand tickets were too expensive so it meant ‘slumming’ it in the general admission area with the masses. F1 fans will know that over the two mile circuit, it is not uncommon for SPA to experience ‘three seasons’ worth of weather over the course of a single Grand Prix and invariably, it tends to piss it down from the heavens so we packed accordingly although it appears unnecessarily so!

Be hold – sunshine and lot’s of it. The luck!

Pic but which?

I jest when I playfully dig at the general admission area as I’m well aware that the freedom of this admission allows for more of the circuit to be explored and of course, areas to relax for your own food and drink. Lucky then we came prepared with all of the above!

Oh, and we’re not sitting, we’re trying to grab the occasional picture of fast moving objects. This is a red one.

I know of many people back home that would love to be here so it’s really rewarding to see the girls enjoying this privileged experience. Take it from me; they won’t in a hurry forget the noise, ambiance and scenery that is SPA.

Past forward a couple of hours and the Grand Prix has of course ended (great win Jenson). Not long afterwards we notice that fans are making their way on to the circuit! Ben and I agree we need this in our lives so whilst the girls continue to chill; we begin our crusade to get on to one of the most famous racetracks in the world that Jenson Button only an hour ago, was crowned victorious on.

The crusade begins…

The following isn’t one of mine but the high resolution version online shows this already breath-taking picture in even greater detail.

Spectacular. Unforgettable. Magical.

With sunshine and food and drink ‘on tap’ so-to-speak, Ben and I use our experience to stay on for a couple of hours after the race chilling and to avoid the worst of the traffic.

Except we didn’t take into consideration any accidents!

Yep, we were stuck at snail pace for over two hours making this easily the worst semi moving ‘jam’ I’ve ever been in. The lack of luxury in the Opel didn’t help either! It was almost a case of spotting the local cars out here such were the high numbers of English cars around.

When we finally make it back to the hotel we stayed at last night, there’s time for a very quick shower later and we head downstairs to the bar/restaurant as we’re too exhausted to walk into town. Here are a couple of pictures before things start to go hazy. I blame the Champagne! Oh, and the ‘Beer tour’ menu.

Good night all. Be sure to check in tomorrow for another twist in the tale. Certainly you will see how I’ve been able to find the time to write and picture all of today’s detailed extract.

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