Day 6 – Thursday 6th September 2012

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Spoiler warning as the next two days will contain some very privileged experiences and photographs meaning the lovers will love and the haters will hate.

Thanks for your note Ben. I look forward to the next one after you read the ollowing two day postings….Gulp

So folks, Kate is under the assumption that after our delightful two day stay along the Cote D’Azur our trip has by now peaked and therefore it’s back to London for a couple of nights (which is actually the plan come Friday). However as you lot know following on from yesterday’s clue, we have one more night (and two days) along the coast in one of the most exclusive places (Countries) in the world before arriving back into our home capital city. Yes folks, we will be arriving in Monaco today.

To throw Kate further off-scent we arrive at Nice airport; the airport we’ll be flying from on Friday evening although this happens to be in the complete opposite direction to Monaco
People; respectfully brace yourselves for why we’re arriving at special area in Nice airport.

We are flying into Monaco from Nice by Helicopter. It is only after I take the above photo do I notice Kate is totally gobsmacked (open-mouthed). She’s not shaking, that came several minutes later. Not only has she just learnt we’re going to Monaco, not London, and that we’ll be flying in.

Here it is coming in before flying in before whisking us away.

Gotta love a cockpit:

Below is us totally freaked out by what’s happening.

Notice how cool the other dudes are! Regulars no doubt and yes, he really does have blue shades and a blue blazer and a blue tie on.

Truly awesome that was folks.

We are then driven to our hotel as part of the Helicopter package which is a nice touch. Considering that Monaco only has I think less than 15 ‘proper’ hotels, it made sense to stay outside of Monaco to keep costs down and still get to experience everything Monaco has to offer over the next couple of days.

I said it made sense; I didn’t say I listened to that.

We’re staying in the Fairmont, Monte Carlo. I will provide tomorrow more pictures of why I chose this hotel and why it is so special, geographically.

Needless to say we’re anxious to get up to the pool as its 32 degrees outside and no clouds in sight so after some bathing, its photo time. Just check out the sea view from the exclusive outdoor dining area. Needless to say we didn’t stay there long but the standard pool view was magical enough as you’ll soon see.

Not so long afterwards our tummies start grumbling and then we realise that we actually haven’t eaten a thing yet and it’s gone 1.30pm. At this point, we happen to be enjoying 32 degrees and we’re way up high in our hotel so the prospect of walking into the unknown streets in search for food isn’t one we want to consider right now so we to accept we’ll have to order from the hotel. Considering the prices we have on occasion seen in Nice, we prepare ourselves for the worst (financially). Except the worst was worse than we could have possibly imagined.

I have been fortunate enough to order cocktails with the lads in Barcelona, a round from the Burj al Arab in Dubai and coffee and tea in St Marks Square, Venice but the following is a new record of disgust and I challenge you to find ‘worse’, anywhere.

A single Caesar salad which I had confirmed was the size of small bowl was 22 Euros. If it was the size of salad bowl back home I’d have arguably ordered it but then have obviously split the portion with Kate. 2x 22 for two small salads didn’t somehow didn’t light my fire.
I had two issues here; the price (obviously!) and the fact that we needed substance as we were so hungry. This meant a burger and fries expect this was 32 Euros I kid you not. With nearly a tear in my eye I asked for two portions of chips and had to make do with that; so much for substance. I thought nothing more of this until we had eaten the McDonalds like fries and then hand to settle up. Check out the size of the portions.

All, this cost 20 Euros. If I had food in my mouth when that bill arrived I’d have spat it back out in shock. Most of you know I would too. You recovered from that price yet? I still don’t know if I have.
I have just one more shocker, bill wise, to come. We stayed chilling enjoying the sunshine and ambiance of the rooftop area all afternoon albeit thirsty and hungry! Lol.

After so many hours in the Sun we thought we could at least order a small round of drinks. Besides I had already clocked a small beer was 6 Euros. Disgusting as that is for a half pint; we have paid that several times this hols so has become ‘the norm.’ We also knew a small house wine for Kate would probably be a similar price so we budgeted for that and a tad more. See, at least this time we weren’t completely blind expect yep, you guessed it, we were (again).

We didn’t bank on the wine being 11 Euros and what follows on is even more unbelievable. We also ordered a tiny bottle of water which is what I drink back home; ‘Vittel’. This can be around 50 pence in the right places, yeh.

This tiny bottle of water cost 8 Euros. You did read that correctly.

So, the small beer, the small wine and the small water that would cost a little more over a fiver back home had set us back nearly 25 quid.
We now had a bittersweet feeling as it meant we could not afford to eat in the hotel this evening, rather we’re on the hunt for a Supermarket. Mother, I’d even take a Turk special Doner Kebab right now.

Expect some pretty amazing pictures tomorrow y’all.

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