Trip 2011 RS – celebrating 30!

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Trip 2011 RS – celebrating 30!

So here we go again then folks. Some say our final European lads road trip πŸ™

Like of all our past European conquests, (I’m still talking road trips here in case your mind had wondered elsewhere), this trip has its purpose. Let’s quickly review these…

Trip Italia 2007 β€“ Well, we lost our virginity and unlike that real life experience, it was a truly memorable!
Trip Europe 2009 β€“ Two years later we were itching to get back on European tarmac. Although this time with a slightly larger map in mind than β€˜just’ Italy.
Trip America 2010. The pacific coast highway, LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Enough said…

And now Trip 2011 RS. My 30th.

Encompassing Spain, France and Andorra.

How lucky am I that I have friends who will come away just for this. Pretty sure they ain’t coming for any other reasons…
Three countries, the Pyrenees, Big cities, beautiful beaches and coastlines, Barcelona GP (Friday session), last home game of Real Madrid and a pretty fancy car (that had better not let us down!).

Look at the ambitious proposed route!

Anyway folks, please enjoy what could be the last trip of its kind…   

What else made this period so special? Well, it started long ago – ten years ago!

My TEN YEAR itch