Day 10 – Sunday – 22nd May 2011

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If you are eating as you read this, perhaps revisit us later on. An image that will soon be visible and therefore what has been seen, cannot be unseen.

Just before that, however, well it’s going to be another big drive head of us today as we move away from eastern Spanish coast to almost the centre of Spain, the Iberian peninsula. The journey is estimated at another four hour drive. It’s probably less of a joy to do in the family saloon with four sweaty, tired men and a restrictive Air Conditioning human operator but in the Porsche, the journey could only ever be a pleasure.

Prior to setting off, we undertake the usual morning rituals we’re all familiar with except we’re somewhat caught off-guard when one unnamed man decides to do the unthinkable, the unimaginable…

Hermaphrodite anyone…?

With that horrifying image burnt into our short term memory, we begin the long, monotonous motorway drive to Madrid. Very occasionally when were off the motorway, we sneak this little picture in with Kennedy’s smiling face caught in the wing-mirror which is better visible on the high resolution copy.

Fast forward several hours later we do indeed reach Madrid and our hotel which has been pre-booked intentionally situated in close proximity to one of the greatest stadiums in the Europe; the Santiago Bernabeu.

The three of us more interested in football, Gino, Alex and Kev have actually bought tickets to watch Real Madrid’s last home game of the season at the Bernabeu later this evening. The remaining three choose to save on the big bucks being charged for the tickets and continue the eating/drinking well theme instead as the others do their thing. Admittedly when we heard the score line we knew we had missed out. It finished 8 – 1 in favour of Real Madrid. The atmosphere would have been indescribable I’m sure. Once I get images from my brother’s camera, I’ll upload them on to here.

However all is not completely lost as we understand the popular stadium tours are available tomorrow afternoon; our final day!
It’s nearly time to come home…

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