Day 4 – Monday – 16th May 2011

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Today is to be the first big drive of the trip so far. We estimate nearly four hours. Not for the faint-hearted. We depart Biarritz relatively early and are therefore on the open roads before 10.30m.
It’s suddenly dawned upon me that I haven’t supplied many pics of the cars as yet. Clearly there’s only so many pics one can take of a Seat Exeo hire car! These pics shows an obvious contrast between the two vehicles

Although admittedly from the image above it does look ‘OK’ you may agree. Until it’s compared to its trip companion…

Several hours later we decide to get off of the motorway in favour of some French ‘N’ roads. This on the whole proved to be a great decision blasting through the countryside chuckling to ourselves as Alex and Dan try to keep up with us in the diesel Exeo. Still, they’ll be the ones laughing when we reveal our fuel figures at the end of the trip!
They also took great joy when the Porsche would occasionally become unstuck behind summit like this for what felt like an eternity.

We then rejoin the motorway knowing that we really should get a move on as the lads should be arriving in the next two hours. This picture is indicative of a typical French motorway; smooth and deserted. Granted if we had to pay toll money our motorways would likely be fairly empty too.

We arrive in Toulouse to get to a hotel, unpack, grab a quick sunbathe before heading off to pick up Kev and Gino from Toulouse airport. Considering that Toulouse was the only location we had not pre-booked, we were chuffed to have found a gem along the way with it’s own car space directly outside. The Seat Exeo was banished to behind the back of the building.

Alex and Dan took ‘the support vehicle’ and kindly went to pick them up allowing Ben and I to further bathe and sink a few cold ones. Imagine our faces when we are woken from our sun-sleep to their return but with an extra special spectacle

A great effort though it has to be said. I was genuinely speechless. (Like you probably are now!) Apparently a couple of people at the airport had even asked for their picture to be taken with them. My brother had blatantly been doing press-ups on the plane for those pistols to be fully loaded!

The guys then unpack at the speed of light understandably desperate to make the most of the sunshine. It so happened that the entire pool area was empty so it became ours for the afternoon.
Later that evening we strolled down the street and stumbled on a take away pizzeria. We all instantly agreed that this was the way forward back at our apartment with some ales we’d previously chilled. There we stayed all night eating, drinking, chatting and laughing until we eventually called it a night.

The two troops had become four, that had now become the supreme six. We were complete. Let the good times roll…

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