Day 5 – Emilia Romagna 2011

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With one full day/evening left, our stay at Lake Garda is sadly nearly at its end. We vow however to one day be back. Whether it’s Kate and I or whether it’s with friends or family all staying in a villa, it doesn’t matter. All we want is to return.

Here are a couple of pictures of the truly amazing place we stayed; the hotel Casa Barca.

Here is the spectacular view from our balcony and here I am “working”.

And now, the obligatory jackuzi shot.

Early evening arrives it’s still light so out we go albeit slightly depressed that we won’t see these views again for some time. Actually, we have what should be pretty spectacular views coming to us (or so my folks tell me – hint hint guys) for the final leg of this special journey but of course she (Kate) doesn’t know this yet!

Admittedly we have exceeded our budget so are extremely thankful we have my lovely Mother’s gesture, largely for Kate’s birthday, to fall back on for a special evening out. We decide to save this money for the mystery final leg of the journey meaning tonight’s menu will be more simplistic: Take away Pizza. Don’t get me wrong, we sit by the lake enjoying these views proving you can still have a fantastic ambiance, even on a budget.

Earlier I stumbled upon a picture from our fine dining the other evening. Let’s see: King Prawns, Sea bass, Sword fish and Squid. All very meaty fish as you all know

After only a couple of cheap drinks, we head back. As you can see, the mood-lighting is set for a final night of Garda passion.

Okay, okay, tiredness got the better of me us so no funny business.

That’s what you all wanna hear admit it!

Night all.

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