Day 3 – Emilia Romagna 2011

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Anybody heard of Porretta Terme?

Nah, didn’t think so and neither had we until last night. Still, this was the town that we eventually found rest in and below is the entrance to the hotel. Looks a bit posh, right? Thankfully the modest price of 60 euros per person was within both of our budgets.

We head out of Porretta Terme and gradually make our way out of the mountains where Minchie grabs a photo of a ponderous Sami.

Within a couple of hours we reach Bologna famed for Bolognese amongst other things! Sadly we didn’t fancy a ‘Spag Bol’, largely because it was the middle of the day and a little hot. Okay, very, very hot as you’ll see later. We did however take pictures of buildings and statues – as you do, right?

A few reports from England have reported high temperatures. Prepare yourself for this temperature.

I soon realise that this is the hottest I’ve seen recorded. Oddly I’m urging it to hit 40 but it doesn’t. Although in saying that, the temperature appears to have reached 42 from various external shop thermometers we see along the way.

Car fans will be interested to hear that we rested our heads this evening in Modena. Most will know that the Ferrari 360 Modena was named after the town. I had told Kate to expect to see a few more Ferrari’s around here than what we had seen so far. Considering the tally was a big phat zero, that shouldn’t be too hard! I didn’t realise that within 20 minutes of saying that I’d be taking a photo of practically brand new 458 Italia! I was somewhat excited as this was the first one I’d ever seen ‘in the flesh’.

We find a hotel along the way that happens to be close to a supermarket. We stock up with food and drink and continue to chat the night away. Not before some fun time first in the wellness center.

Still think that Ferrari was gorgeous?

Mosquito count is currently:

Sami – 2
Katie – 10


No cliche remarks about her being sweeter please as that’s all I’ve heard for the last few hours!

Big shout out to Sarah and Andy for the mosie repellent as they haven’t come near her………..since she put it on!

Anyway night all, must rest, big day tomoz!

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