Day 7 – Wednesday 19th May 2010

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I’m very much looking forward to today. Firstly we’re off to see an old friend of mine from back home in Clevedon. He moved out here for work reasons several years ago and hasn’t looked back. You’ll soon see why. It’s even better that five out of the six guys know him so we’ll all be able to catch up where we all left off those years ago. Yes, he’s a lucky man but he’s also very good at what he does.

But before we head off to see Mr Adam Bush, I also have a little surprise for the lads. Ben knows of the surprise but nobody else does. It’ll cost them a £50 each but it’ll be worth it…trust me.

So off we head early morning having filled ourselves with a ‘reasonably’ sized breakfast from a typical American diner. Not particularly healthy but great tasting!

Ross then drives us to San Francisco airport but has no idea why. We ain’t going home yet he says!

Sadly my friend Alex missed out on this trip. I’m gutted for him as he know how epic our trips can be having been one of the fab four on Trip Europe 2009. He has a BIG thing for American cars. You see where this is heading…In advance, sorry Alex!

Yes folks, that’s a 4.0 V6 Mustang convertible that will be joining us a second car for the rest of the journey 🙂

You should have seen their faces! Even my brother, an impassive chap most of the time was unable to hide his joy! Ross nearly cries with happiness. Let the fun really begin…

To get to Adam’s we drive over the Golden Gate bridge to head to El Dorado Hills. It takes us a couple of hours to get there but we do eventually make it.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the great man…

If you’re unsure what he’s drinking, that’d be a can of Bush (Boooouuussshhh) that clearly we had to buy for namesake having seen it in a liquor store a few hours earlier.

Here are Adam’s most prized assets. If you can view these and not have a wave of depression suddenly come on over you, I’ll be impressed!

His fiance was most welcoming and I enjoyed some brief banter with her. She’s British and works at the same place as Adam. Geeeezzz, can it get anymore perfect!?

I then discover that he had very kindly arranged for a little cake to be made for my birthday which is actually today of all days.

Oh, incase you’re wondering ladies, the man didn’t make the cake himself. Yeah, he might have the big fancy house and car, hot misses cute dog etc… but clearly he ain’t Mr Perfect. Got it!? Good! 🙂

We scoff the cake and then he and Gino take to playing a little table tennis in his garage.

Shortly after Gino’s epic defeat, we grab a group photo

It was now time to head to Lake Tahoe

All in all, another fantastic day. I sense the next couple of days will be just as memorable if not more.

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