Day 10 – Saturday 22nd May 2010

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Today we have something special planned as we’re off to see the Grand Canyon. Apparently this is a “must” when visiting Vegas (despite it being in Arizona). Most of us have not been in a helicopter before so the thought of this alone was really quite exciting let alone flying over over one of the natural wonders of the world. We’ve also opted for the Champagne picnic lunch so we’ll also be setting down on the Canyon floor.

The day starts with a limo ride to Vegas’ McCarran airport where this little beauty awaits us…

They play some tunes during the flight and yes, they may seem a little cliche but we wouldn’t of wanted it any other way…Top Gun music for take-off, Indiana Jones for when the helicopter was navigating through the canyon 🙂

A nice little shot of another helicopter party joining us

 Gino overlooking the Grand Canyon

So after a glorious few hours at the Canyon we head back down past the Vegas strip before setting back down at the airport for our return limo ride. Here are a couple ‘strip’ focused aerial shots

By the time we make it back to the hotel the Sun really did come out to play so we were able to dedicate a few hours of bathing down by poolside listening to tunes, chilling, dipping into the jakuzi’s… you know how it is. We then head back to our hotel to get ready for our second night in Las Vegas…

A simple but rare individual picture of me and yes I was forced to put it on here.

As for the night out, well we went to a “gentlemans” club. Now here’s the part that you won’t believe. This choice of entertainment was completely by accident. We genuinely set off in a taxi to head to a famous steak house in Circus Circus that my cousin had told me about, only to have the crazy Bulgarian taxi driver tell us that it would be full and that we should have booked in advance. Instead of taking us there to check whether we can get a table, he proposes an “alternative”. He had us hook, line and sinker and could clearly spot that we were Vegas virgins. Oh well, we’ll know better for next time.

Here we are early on in the night all pristine, prim and proper

Here we with bellies full, wallets lighter and more of course more sloshed than earlier

As we spent a decent wedge in the club the above is our free limo ride (another!) home courtesy of the club. Yes please!

However before we set off the lads had a “treat” for the two birthday boys (myself and Kevin) for a little one-on one action but thankfully not with each other. Parents and girlfriends do not panic as this was a friendly dance involving just the aformetioned troops.

I’d introduce them to you but I can’t for the life of me remember their names!
Oh, I so wanted the tanned one, not Robert Patterson’s relation.

So for today that’s a helicopter cruise, two separate limo rides, some great company (the lads too) 🙂 – well it’s not a bad life is it and it’s about to get even better as I have yet another surprise install for the guys…

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