Day 1 – Thursday 13th May 2010

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We arrive on-time at an almost empty British Airways terminal 5. Our flight is scheduled on-time so things are looking good. Only one thing to mention at check-in – Ben Kennedy rocks in with what has to be a record beating luggage weight – 30 KG’s!!! As he has no desire to pay extra so the rest of us are forced to cram 7 KG’s into the remaining three suitcase as BA don’t allow collective weight adjustments! Ben, I didn’t know they still made Spiderman boxer shorts 

After boarding the aircraft passengers are told that an air-leak has been identified and that they will need to investigate the matter further. As it’s a leak somehow involving the intricate engine system, this means no power and therefore no air-con! Shorltly afterwards we’re told that a seal needs replacing and that this will be one-hour minimum. This turns out to be nearly three hours before it is fixed. This, and the fact that BA’s economy class seating is tighter than a fish’s ass, is a recipe for hell. Pure hell.

We shortly realise, like a few other passengers do, that standing up by the cabin crew area is the only way to alleviate some the torture for the next few hours. We’re chatting away when something, or should I say someone, catches my eye about half way down the isle. I tell you now that she was one of the most beautiful girls that I have ever laid eyes on. (Except the girls that I have been lucky enough to date of course ;-) ). Our eyes meet and there is a lasting stare between us. I later discover our stares are for very different reasons; we know why I’m staring at her but she’s staring at me because I’m staring at her. Not too long afterwards she appears to be walking in our direction, most likely to get to the toilet but she never makes it that far as we (I) grab her (not literally) to chat. She proceeds to converse with us until we take off so we have a laugh and try and the lads and I try and compete for her attention wherever possible.

Once we set down she looks to exchange Facebook details with us. I said I did’t have one and that was kinda that….

Anyhow, moving on we’ve got a hell of an adventure ahead of us and there is no room for the finer of the species.

So here we are having set down in LA a colossal thirteen hours after we first boarded the plane.

As our pre-booked motel is close to the airport we head straight there first before picking up the sacred car that will hopefully be with us for the next two weeks.

Here then is our first night’s accomodation – a Motel 6 (a massive chain of budget hotels in the States). Seriously this cost us £12 each!

This was the first night we learnt of each others funny ways…

My “OCD-like” ways. Apparantly I might add.
Dan’s relentless snoring!
Ben’s vanity.
Kev’s toilet time. Not sure what he does in there but he comes out feeling much happier than when he went in.

Anyway, here it is, we’ve named it ‘Jenson’. Not a quite a V8, an under-powered gas guzzling V6 but still…
This thing can rival Dobbo’s big V8 for utterly terrible MPG – we’ll get some stats when we’ve had more driving time under our belts.

Gino, here is something we purchased with you in mind

Anyway, we’re truly exhausted so it’s time to get our heads down as we’ll no doubt have an early start on PCH1 (Pacific coast highway) due to the fact that our body clocks are all over place. Our adventure starts properly tomorrow. Night all.

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