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About Trip Italia 2007:
This is where it all started. My cousin and I had never physically been to see the Italians play live so when we heard they were taking on the French in a friendly and on Italian soil, this naturally caught our attention. This then evolved into ‘why don’t we drive down’ in our sports cars. This then evolved into watching the Monza Grand Prix which we had observed was on the same weekend and not too far away from Milan.

 This trip will always be bittersweet for me as it was around the time Pavarotti passed away but also the passing of someone so very, very dear to me. RIP Nona.


About Trip Dubai:
My Mother had always been intrigued by Dubai; like most of us I’m sure. I fulfilled this curiosity by surprising her with a visit there with the flight paid for on me. Not ‘ScankAir’ either, but Virgin airways.

 The first time I tasted langoustines. So tasty! Also, my first 360 degree revolving restaurant let alone the very unique sites and attractions Dubai has to offer like no other.


About Trip Europe 2009:
This was truly epic and took many months of planning. The lads and I were massively surprised of just how much went exactly to plan. The plan meant we were able to do and see so much. We knew the only way to achieve another trip of this quality was to go further afar and sure enough, this is what we made happen the next year.

 Although the lads had the time of their lives (as did I), it did leave me a little exhausted such was the effort that went in, let alone trying to keep things running well during our time away. I wanted to evolve the next trip to be more relaxed but still offer everything this one did.

The lads and I will treasure this trip forever.


About Trip America 2010:
Probably my favourite trip if speak from the heart simply because it was more relaxed on the planning front than Trip Europe and others assisted in sections of the trip. This, coupled with more lads, bigger cars, and the ‘way’ of the west coast American’s….enough said? Oh, did I mention Las Vegas amongst other things.

 Pack your bags, round your troops and experience West Coast America.


About Trip 2011 RS:
This trip marked by 30th and a rather special car that both happened in the same year. As such, we couldn’t not go away again!

It also offered some further amazing events that were F1 and La Liga related although the latter is a sore topic.

 I continue to thank the lads for making my big one so memorable. It was also poignant because I knew this could very well be the last trip with the lads of its kind :(


About Trip Italy 2011:
The first trip with……………a female! I know, righttt.

This trip really was something else and when you take a look at the blog, you’ll see why. It was good to have engaged my brain again to be able to have pulled this off. I don’t, as they say, do things in halves. This was full on. And expensive as it was in conjunction with her birthday!

 It was great to share this experience with Kate and for her to experience a trip like this. She made have been all over the world but she had never seen a week like this before. That is what a road trip is all about.


About Trip TGV:
I really didn’t think we’d go back to Europe after the effort and expense of last year but apparently we did!

Like all of the trips before it, this won’t surprise you to hear this was again, EPIC but different too…

 Let’s be serious here, Kate has done well…. :)


Final thought:
I hope this blog inspires you all to do something different from the norm. If you’ve looked through each of the trips you can easily pickup something from each of them and take this away with you to experience yourself.

I have planned and participated in enough trips over these last five years to gain myself a break and go back to a nice and simple, package holiday!

Y’know, as I write that I almost believe it…

Hope to write to you all one day again in the future. You never know….